the most flexible 3d surfaces for architecture and design

The WOOD-SKIN® process transforms rigid materials into 3D products, sheets of a “programmable” composite with the potential to be coded and to obtain a specific form thanks to the one step fabrication process. The patented technology allows the panel to fold along the “digital hinges”, just like an origami would. From the at state, the material evolves into the three-dimensional state where it can take endless shapes and functions without loose the original strength.


Thanks to the patented tech at the core of our products, WOOD-SKIN® gives an exciting tridimensional life to a wide range of materials that have been traditionally used in  flat, 2D design.
By adding one dimension to your raw materials, we provide you with the keys to an infinite realm of unexplored design possibilities: just one iteration of the production process is enough to get all the surfaces needed to compose the designed 3D volume.

WOOD-SKIN® was founded in 2013 to help architects and designer all around the world bridging the gap between digital representation and the building environment.

Thanks to our patented technology, WOOD-SKIN®, we are able to plane everyday materials into the third dimension and the digital era.

We are architects, designer, and engineers with a strong passion for details and materials, digital fabrication, and software which led us to trigger new unexpected possibilities out of conventional materials such as wood, felt, cork, plastic, metals and more.

We believe that real innovations lie at the intersection of composite materials and digital fabrication where technology becomes the enabling factor for new building methods and aesthetics.

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