DESIGN : Engineering Office Dubai

SUPPLIER : H&H Studio Dubai

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Tailor Made



Inside one of the major hotels in Dubai, WOOD-SKIN has been chosen by Engineering Office to become the solution to achieve the tessellated design of the central column. An element both functional and beautiful with carefully chosen materials and technologies. WOOD-SKIN, here, serves as a complex geometry enabler to easily achieve, thanks to the WOOD-SKIN® proprietary technology and software, what would be a big millwork headache.

We delivered a Tailor-Made surface that has been finished with the precious Straw marquetry, by Alexander Lamont, an artisanal process that goes in beautiful contrast with the fully computational nature of WOOD-SKIN. The art of forming a decorative panel using flattened slithers of natural cured straw joins the bits and atoms of digital fabrication.

Lights, doors, structural elements, storage space and ancient craftsmanship were here all wrapped together thanks to WOOD-SKIN, bringing made in Italy quality, large scale robotic manufacturing and cost optimisation to unique made-to-measures projects.

PHOTO CREDITS: Oana Maria Minuti

MATERIALS AND FINISHES: MDF with Straw marquetry by Alexander Lamon

Wood-skin in use

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