The Quiet-Bits are a new system of flexible acoustic modules made both for the office and the home. You can select among three different sizes of these colorful units. The Quiet-Bits can be assembled in endless configurations. This enables to respond the ever-changing needs of the contemporary office space.

They are easy to mount thanks to the magnetic joints. So, you can build a phone booth for your loud coworker and transform it next day into a meeting room. Also, it is a good excuse to play with giant acoustic Lego blocks.


Quiet-Bits come in three different sizes and many color options. They are grouped in KITS which helps you to create diverse products. You can create dividers, phone booths, meeting rooms, acoustic ceilings and wall modules with Quiet-Bits.

acoustic decorative panels - 3d panels - quietbits by wood-skin
acoustic decorative panels - 3d panels - quietbits by wood-skin

Quiet-Bits improve the acoustic performances of the space you are in. They have warm absorbing felt on one side and high-end reflective wood on the other side. The modules are highly flexible so you can shape them for your specific needs. Place a metal foot at the bottom and create stable configurations with S ad C shapes. All the materials used are high quality and easy to clean.

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