Patented process | Wood Skin

Patented process

An integral part of the WOOD-SKIN® patented process, the software instructs the machines to tessellate the surfaces of the 3D model. The program reproduces the digital design configuration with precise geometries, sparing heavy and expensive structures.

The company produces optimized elements with minimal waste of material since the manufacturing process can be studied and virtually tested. A simple assembly mechanism allows local workers to install the finished claddings themselves, erasing intermediate substructures. Moreover, WOOD-SKIN products enjoy a flat shipping method and eight weeks lead time for deliveries everywhere on the globe.

‘When a material, rigid in its nature, becomes flexible, ductile, almost pliable, it is necessarily the fruit of an intuition. WOOD-SKIN® was born this way, from a new attitude toward the act of creating projects, an innovative mixture of different factors: theoretical and practical know-how, technical and creative predisposition, the fusion of digital technology and artisanal skills. In a nutshell, WOOD-SKIN® merges architectonical research and the background of animation that inspired its inventors to give life, movement and new functions to rigid materials.’WOOD-SKIN team, 2014

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