6 Feb 2023

Courmayeur Design Week-End 2023

W—S and biomimicry, building a future inspired by nature

An art installation on how to get inspired by nature and investigate interactions between biology - material science and computational design

February, 9 / 12 

Piazza Petigax – Chiesa Valdese


The design concept for the W—S installation inside the Waldensian Church is a further exploration into biomimicry, which consists in imitating the structure and properties of natural organisms to create new technologies and products.

Curated by Giuseppe Tortato Architects with the involvement of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Simplex, Materea Industries and D.O.S. Design Open Spaces, the entire installation will transform the spaces of the Waldensian Church into a gateway to the Metaverse with dreamlike, abstract, and virtual features.


Taking inspiration from lichens and their symbiotic nature of fungus and algae, W—S offers a unique combination of natural beauty and futuristic functionalities thanks to the combined strengths of wood and textiles.

With its natural look and feel, customizable appearance, and strong, durable structure, it creates exciting possibilities for designers and architects looking to push the boundaries of what is possible with materials and design. 




OPENING: Thursday the 9th at 2.30pm

Piazza Petigax – Chiesa Valdese



TALK: Thursday the 9th at 5.00pm

Convention Center

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