1 Jan 2021



WOOD-SKIN is pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with the textile manufacturer, Carnegie.

Based in New York, Carnegie has been at the forefront of exploring and researching material innovations for over 70 years. Dedicated to transparent and collaborative practices, the Carnegie Creative Studio is made up of textile designers, graphic designers, weavers, artists, and brand communicators—all of whom share a strong creative drive to develop the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions on the market.

“Carnegie has always championed innovation within the design industry, and we’re thrilled to add WOOD-SKIN to our diverse portfolio of offerings,” says Heather Bush, Chief Creative Officer of Carnegie. “We strive to create unique products that provide novel solutions, and are excited to see how our clients will utilize such a versatile material within their projects.”


A true ally, Carnegie was founded by Bob Goldman in 1950, on principles that continue to be fundamental for the company: a commitment to design excellence, creating a better work environment for employees and customers, and pursuing the development of sustainable materials. This entrepreneurial and sustainable approach is applied across the brand’s full range of products and through Carnegie’s partnerships with carefully selected brands.


For us, Carnegie —a leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable interior fabrics — is the perfect ally,” says Giulio Masotti, CEO of WOOD-SKIN. “We’ve been working at the intersection of the digital and the physical for years, with the aim of creating a high-strength material that shares the same properties as a fabric. WOOD-SKIN systems are the result of a hybrid approach between unmatched Italian design and advanced manufacturing technologies based on parametric design. As such, we are proud to offer our systems to the American market through the support and expertise of a team that shares our same principles.”



Carnegie is a leader in textile manufacturing and innovation in North America. Since 1950, the company has achieved a number of firsts, including the development of its Xorelâ fabrics, which provide an equally durable alternative to PVC, and Xorel, the world’s first high-performance plant-based fabric.

Moreover, Carnegie has built a reputation for its unwavering and comprehensive commitment to environmental stewardship at every stage of the production cycle. As a member of the Be Original organization, Carnegie has B Corp certification and is the first and only PVC-free interior fabrics company. For more information, visit www.carnegiefabrics.com



WOOD-SKIN was founded in 2013 in Milan, Italy, to help architects and designers around the world bridge the gap between digital representation and architectural realization.

Thanks to the patented WOOD-SKIN® process we can make rigid surfaces flexible and flat surfaces three-dimensional, giving volume, life, and “soul” to a multitude of materials that industry and technology have heretofore relegated to a two-dimensional state.



110 North Centre Avenue | Rockville Centre | NY 11570

EMAIL CONTACT: wood-skin@carnegiefabrics.com

WEBSITE: carnegiefabrics.com

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