Finally, free-form, with the Mesh Sheets forget all the constraints of casts and molds and focus on the results and functions you really want.

The Mesh Sheets are obtained with the internationally patented WOOD-SKIN process, the result it is a semi-rigid membrane where the different polygons defining the surface are kept together with durable textile hinges.


Our surfaces are managed and hung as you would do with curtains, certified steel wires with quick release stoppers are used both for the primary anchors holding the weight and to put in slight tension the material to give the signature WOOD-SKIN 3D effect.


All the Wood-Skin products have high acoustic performances, rigid materials such as wood or laminates work beautifully when you need sound diffusion, this, together with the random 3D geometry ensure top quality diffusion performances. In addition, our products can always be implemented with sound absorbing materials like felt or cork in order to reduce echo and design a pleasant environment.

For specific acoustic needs, our team of engineers is at your full disposal.