Fold Panels are 3D panels with specifically designed geometries built inside a rectangular or squared module.

A robust aluminium frame keeps the shape and makes it even easier to install it on walls and ceilings.

This framed WOOD-SKIN Surface can be used in a large number of applications such as wall and ceiling acoustic cladding, sliding walls, handrails, and much more. We are currently designing more patterns and 3D shapes, stay tuned for more!

WOOD-SKIN design and architecture|FoldPanels


All the WOOD-SKIN products have high acoustic performances, rigid materials such as wood or laminates work beautifully when you need sound diffusion, this, together with the 3D geometry ensure top quality diffusion performances. In addition, our products can always be implemented with sound absorbing materials like felt or cork in order to reduce echo and design a pleasant and beautiful environment.

For specific acoustic needs, our team of engineers is at your full disposal.