Q - How long is the current lead time for products?

Depending on the product, project size and complexity the lead time can be anything from 3 weeks to 14 weeks. Our factories have reopened following the Italian Governmental restrictions and production is taking place again. If lead time includes August or Christmas consider adding 2-4 weeks on to the production lead time due to production facility closures during these periods.

Q - Can I still get product presentations?

Yes, of course. Please book a video call.

Q - Are your production facilities open?

Yes, however during the Christmas period and August the facilities close down for 2-4 weeks.

Q - Can I place an order in my specific region?

Yes – please see the contacts section of our website for details of your local representative/s.

Q - Can I order samples or materials to my temporary office or home address?

Yes, of course – we can ship anywhere. Please see the samples page to order. WOOD-SKIN has now also gone augmented reality, allowing you to visualise our products in your spaces at the click of a button. The AR tools create proximity by providing realistic and interactive 3D models right in front of you. Touch’ them, turn them around and get familiar with our solutions, from the office, from home, on site.

Q - Is your team able to travel for installation?

Due to international restrictions it is currently not easy to travel abroad, and every country now has its own regulations. We are getting constant updates from embassies around the globe, but this process is an ongoing one so would need to be assessed on a case by case basis. For most projects self installation is possible, a specific instruction manual is provided to allow the contractors to install the project smoothly. We are also implementing systems of augmented reality and smart installations with visors, in order to be able to help you digitally on site if events of force majeure occur. Still in doubt? Get in contact with our team, explaining your project and logistics, we will be happy to give you more specific details.

General FAQ’s

Product Information

Q - How are WOOD-SKIN products made?

WOOD-SKIN is produced by creating a layered composite of Sheet construction material with a textile membrane in between, then milling lines along and through the material which act as hinges, allowing the whole material sheet to flex as if it were a textile. The sheet material can be any millable sheet material manufactured for use in construction: MDF, Plywood, Laminates, Aluminium, Cork – to name some of the typical options. Depending on the project specifications, the material and shape of the WOOD-SKIN is produced according to these specifications and shipped flat to the site ready to be installed.

Q - What functional benefits does WOOD-SKIN have?
  • WOOD-SKIN makes it easier to design, build and install complex 3D surfaces.
  • High quality materials – the product always uses the highest quality materials to comprise the composite material created.
  • Always customizable – the product can be tailored completely to meet your project requirements and desires. 
  • Acoustic performances – variable depending on the amount of acoustic absorption necessary.
  • Fire reaction – depending on the country of installation and project requirements, the product can be adjusted to suit your needs.  
  • Easy ability to add in MEP – the product can be customised to add in any MEP, doors etc. 

Sampling / Prototyping / Mock-Up

Q - How can I order samples and catalogues?

From our website, use either the downloads page for the catalogue or the samples page to browse and order samples.

Q - Is it possible to have a custom sample? How much does it cost and what is the lead time?

Yes, according to material selection, size of the final order and stage of project development, feasibility of production of custom samples will be evaluated by WOOD-SKIN. Price and lead time of custom samples are evaluated by the WOOD-SKIN team and defined for each specific request, according to size of sample and material selection.

Q - Can I request a prototype/ mock up?

Yes, it is always possible to realise a 1:1 mockup to better understand the important details of the project: finishes, hanging system, integrations etc. Get in touch with us, inform us of your project details and mock ups of varying degrees can be realised as per project specifications.

Ordering & Payment

Q - How do I order WOOD-SKIN?

Please use the ask for a quote section of our website, providing the details of your envisioned project. One of our team members will then be in contact with you within 24 hours to develop the project together with you.

Q - Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, 3 sheets (10 m²).

Q - Can I get a product presentation?

Yes, of course. We are available to book a video call whenever suits you.

Q - Can I pay via credit card?

Payment is possible only via bank transfer, but please do not hesitate to contact us or the representative of your area (see here) for any special requirements you may have.

Lead Time

Q - What is the total lead time?

Depending on size of the order, material selection and design complexity, lead time may vary from 6 up to 14 weeks. Reported as follows:

STANDARD LEAD TIME: 6 weeks from accounting advanced payment and approval of the final design – EX WORKS (MILANO AREA) – if the delivery period includes the month of August or December, consider 4 and 2 additional weeks of company closure respectively. Shipping lead time to be added. Standard air freight 7-10 working days. Express shipping air freight 3-5 working days (higher costs). Sea freight 3-6 weeks.

Over 6 weeks: in some cases when special materials are specified, the longer lead time in delivery to our manufacturing facilities can extend our lead time. This can also be the case in very large and complex projects.

Q - How long is the production lead time for WOOD-SKIN Products?

Fold Panels – 3 Weeks for a selection of readily available materials, 6 weeks for others that are less readily available – see the Fold Panels page for full details. 

Mesh Sheets – 6 to 14 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project. See the Mesh Sheets page for full details.

Tailor Made – 6 to 14 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project. See the Tailor Made page for full details.


Q - If anything happens to the panels during the shipping process, what would be the lead time to replace the damaged parts?

Every piece is numbered and an inventory including number of panels and pictures of the goods is always prepared during the packaging process. In the unlikely event that something happens to the panels, a new production will be scheduled (following a new order process). Therefore lead-time is the standard reported in the main P.O. It is always a priority of WOOD-SKIN to expedite the replacement process as much as possible. Should it be needed, WOOD-SKIN always keeps a small stock of panels to enable a quick replacement of small portions of any project should it be necessary. Please see our terms and conditions for B2B Sales and B2C Sale

Q - How are the panels shipped?

WOOD-SKIN products are packed in custom wooden crates. Sizes and number of crates are defined according to the size and type of the order. Crates are on pallets and generally stackable, air freighted or sea freighted according to budget and logistics indications.

Q - Is it possible to arrange private shipping?

Yes, shipping can either be arranged by ourselves or yourselves, as you wish.

Q - Are the panels shipped fully assembled?

The panels are generally shipped flat and not-assembled to ease the shipping process. Depending on size of the order and lead-time, panels can be shipped assembled. In the case of panels being shipped assembled, the number of crates will be increased, and thereby also the shipping costs.

Installation/supervision Service

Q - Can a general contractor install this product?

Yes, WOOD-SKIN is not a complex system in terms of assembly (carpenters normally possess all the necessary skills to assemble WOOD-SKIN easily). Every project is always supported with WOOD-SKIN installation instruction and 3D support tools (3D model, AR tools). In addition to that, based on location, budget, project complexity, WOOD-SKIN can provide a supervision service (1 or 2 persons of the WOOD-SKIN installation team will be  on site to assist and support the GC/local manpower during installation).

Q - Would it be possible to have supervision during installation?

Yes, depending on the project size and complexity it can be necessary to have 1-2 members of our team on hand to oversee the installation process. This will be assessed and discussed with the client as any project progresses.

Q - Do you provide hardware for installation?

Yes, all hardware necessary to install is provided in the crates as standard. The client needs only the basic tools necessary for fixing and joining the hardware/ sheets together, and to the wall – depending on the product and project.

Q - How do I install WOOD-SKIN products?

WOOD-SKIN Products are all shipped with a detailed installation manual, the installation is broken down into a step by step process which is easy to follow. Our Technical manual provides in depth information on the design, manufacture and installation of the Mesh Sheets and Tailor Made surfaces, including examples of previous projects, their complexities, and our responses to those complexities. Naturally, the more complex the project, the more steps that are involved in installation, WOOD-SKIN assess the complexity of each project and sometimes deem it necessary to provide support for installation. 

Fold Panels – can be installed by client alone, detailed instruction manuals are provided as standard as part of every job we do. Due to the Fold Panels being the most standardised  product we offer, installation is usually simple. 

Mesh Sheets – Can be a little more labour intensive in their installation, due to the scale and complexity of the projects in which the product is typically used. Mesh Sheets are provided with a full installation instruction manual as standard. WOOD-SKIN will assess for the necessity of support in installation. 

Tailor Made – Tailor made is, as the name suggests, a custom WOOD-SKIN product designed specifically for the environment in which it is being placed. Therefore, it often requires a tailored installation process. WOOD-SKIN provides an instruction manual as standard, depending on the complexity of the project we may also need to provide supervision on the installation.

Q - Can I install WOOD-SKIN products in kitchens, wet rooms & outdoors?

Yes, the materials can be chosen to suit their surrounding environment.

Q - Do You provide design support?

Yes, the WOOD-SKIN team are able to guide you through every step of the process from inception to installation. We will respond to you within 24 hours of your first contact to establish any further details to enable us to provide you with a mock-up and quote. Please see our home page for full details of our response times for the initial mock up phase.

Integration & Customization

Q - Is it possible to integrate lights, life safety- sprinklers or other MEP items to the WOOD-SKIN product?

Yes Lights, sprinklers, plugs and other MEP items can be integrated with WOOD-SKIN claddings through cut-outs or specific openings. These latter can be either pre-made during the production phase (through CNC machine), or done on site (e.g. through hole saw or similar). The versatility of the WOOD-SKIN® system allows for many more additional customisations to be made with ease thanks to the digital design and fabrication processes involved in the WOOD-SKIN® technology. Each of these should be discussed with the WOOD-SKIN Design Team and realised based on the specific design brief.

Certifications & Standards

Q - How do WOOD-SKIN select suppliers?

WOOD-SKIN endeavour to work with FSC certified suppliers who are environmentally conscious in their practises. We always aim to find a balance between the best quality materials and their geographical location. We have long standing relationships with our suppliers who have years of experience producing materials for the construction industry.

Q - Where are WOOD-SKIN products produced?

WOOD-SKIN is designed and manufactured in Italy, by passionate manufacturers using State of the art CNC milling and years of experience transforming the best quality construction materials into our patented composite material.

Q - Are WOOD-SKIN products acoustic and/or fire resistant?
  • Most of the used materials/composites have been tested for many different purposes: resistance, tear strength, fire reaction, durability, acoustic performance.
  • Different fire reaction tests have been performed with different markets in mind. 
  • In general every situation is gauged depending on the certification required and budget. WOOD-SKIN is able to always provide the right fit to meet certification requirements whilst keeping the price correct without unnecessary additional costs.
  • If a specific certification is requested, a technical feasibility assessment will be performed and the test can be performed at client expenses or at shared costs in certain circumstances.

Sustainability & Environmental

Q - Are WOOD-SKIN products sustainable?

Thanks to our patented technology, all our production, and design methods are sustainable from both an environmental and social perspective.

To ensure quality and sustainability in production processes and work sites, we commit to the following objectives:

  • Fostering close collaboration and transparency with partners and manufacturers. 
  • Using local materials wherever possible to minimize our environmental impact.
  • Using long life materials that are certified or materials from suppliers with an environmentally-conscious focus.
  • Smart production with less material waste
  • Flat shipping
Q - How do WOOD-SKIN work to reduce environmental impact during production?

WOOD-SKIN is an FSC certified supplier that uses local materials wherever possible, lean manufacturing methods allow for extremely low waste. Digital fabrication is extremely accurate and allows us to optimise the surface usage by tesselating the various pieces in the best possible way to reduce material wastage.

Q - Are recycled materials used in the production of WOOD-SKIN products?

Yes, they can be and are used in production. The focus at WOOD-SKIN is producing high quality products that are built to last, and this is the same logic that WOOD-SKIN applies when selecting materials.

Maintainability & Cleaning

Q - What are the prescriptions for cleaning of WOOD-SKIN products?

In general, WOOD-SKIN surfaces do not require any special maintenance & cleaning prescriptions. Normally, almost all regular household cleaning products or not-aggressive disinfectants can be safely used for cleaning (for ex. a standard damp cloth with warm water or a mild detergent.., etc). In the majority of cases, WOOD-SKIN follows cleaning & maintenance indications and prescriptions provided by suppliers of the finish/materials used for each work (HPL, aluminium, solid surfaces, etc..). For those materials/finish who require special cleaning treatment, cleaning & maintenance indications are outlined on purpose and reported in the WOOD-SKIN product datasheet.

Q - How resistant are the WOOD-SKIN products to impact and wear?

WOOD-SKIN uses Industry standard construction sheet material in it’s fabrication process, meaning the materials are all certified prior to becoming Fold Panels. The Fold Panels themselves are tested and certified as a product – see the Fold Panels Page for full details of the