1_Choose either vertical or horizontal panel’s orientation with the drop down panel called PANEL ORIENTATION.


2_Insert the measures (centimeters) of the area you want to cover in the SURFACE AREA filed. Automatically the configurator will adapt the standard size of the panels to fit them into your area. Please note that compositions above N panels will not be rendered in order to minimize loading time.


3_ Chose among our material offer through the drop down menu MATERIALS. When a material is chosen, it will be applied to the composition and you will see the assigned lead time in the lower left corner of the composer.


4_ Use the ACTIVE POINTS sliders to fully customize the shape, pattern and three-dimensionality of the panels. Create your very own design, a unique piece made by you.


5_ Explore other options such as RANDOMIZE COMPOSITION and PATTERN ORIENTATION to design your bespoke wall or ceiling.


6_ Insert your email into the E-MAIL field in order to activate the buttons below, including submit your design and download 3d model.


7_ DOWNLOAD 3D MODEL and DWG to easily specify your FOLD PANELS design into your project.


8_ SUBMIT YOUR ORDER to get in touch with the WOOD-SKIN team, further develop your design together with our design department and finalize order’s specifications. Don’t forget to insert your email so we know how to get back to you.


9_ Share our brand new collection and online design tools with colleagues and friends! Please shoot us an email with your feedbacks and suggestions, our computational design team it is at work to evolve the configurators to improve your experience.