ARCHITECT@WORK 2019 – Paris, France


LOCATION: Paris, Istanbul and Milan

CATEGORY: Fairs/Events

YEAR: 2019

TYPOLOGY: Temporary wall and ceiling installation Acoustic Mesh Sheets – Digital B and Basic A

MATERIALS: Engineered ultra-thin wood – Ultra matte laminate by Fenix NTM – Metal laminate by Almeco Group – Colored MDF by Forescolor


The worldwide fair where architects meet innovations. Paris, Istanbul and Milan are the 3 magic locations where you could find, see and touch the brand new WOOD-SKIN Acoustic.

Acoustic design is increasingly important nowadays. And with WOOD-SKIN you can customize the acoustic performance of your space down to the millimeter, for a result that is both visually stunning and technically impeccable.

The result is a product that tells a story with elegance, through a defined and controlled design concept, as opposed to last-minute acoustic adjustments. A solution that adapts not only to the form of a given space, but to the acoustic experience that it is intended to provide.

In combination with the most suitable materials for a given project, WOOD-SKIN offers excellent sound absorption properties while at the same time ensuring optimal sound diffusion, thanks to the complex geometry of the surfaces. And of course, the Acoustic version offers the same extraordinary flexibility of the original WOOD-SKIN: attractive surfaces like wood, laminate and metal, strategically cut and affixed to a membrane that allows rigid materials to behave almost like fabric.