CLIENT: PostOffice

DESIGN: Alessandro Bombaci

LOCATION: Milano, Italy

CATEGORY: Hospitality

YEAR: 2018

WORK: Tailor Made surface

MATERIAL: Aluminum composite


“A meeting point for people, colors, flavours, and lives where good food meets design”. This is how PosOfficeStation, a new multifunctional hub on the east side of Milan has been described by the press. 

The design has been curated by Alessandro Bombaci with a very fluid and extensive use of the WOOD-SKIN surfaces, different shapes and materials always in continuous dialogue with the urban heritage of the area and its possible present-future.

This project widensWOOD-SKIN’s possibilities by bringing the technology on the outside among the elite of materials suitable for facade use. The chosen material is a tough aluminum composite paired with the ultra-flexibleWOOD-SKIN® technology. 

The inside of the cafè is in continuity with the organic shapes of the exterior, the free-form tessellated shape is achieved by a creative use of Mesh Sheets is a variety of finishes. The brushed metal finish of the suspended ceiling and the glossy black laminate of the counter help creating a dynamic effect which brings the visitor in a new vibrant and cozy space.