Dubai Design Week 2018



in collaboration with ALKANOIDS

powered by H&H Studio

Mankind has embraced the concept of virtual aspects on so many platforms with ease. Simultaneously, we’re careful to keep in touch with what’s around us in the objective reality, for the sake of those around us and our own sanity.

This project explores the domains of futuristic aspects in the world of design, like parametric shapes and augmented reality. Its minimalistic presence of a sculptural element gives way to limitless visions, through digital added content.

AR intriguingly acts where the two paradigms come into contact: it enhances the objectivity of our experience before crossing borders to digital virtuality. Created by Alkanoids on their proprietor platform ARIA, the application playfully explores the theme of facets and shapes.

The suspended wooden sheet is fabricated through a specialized system that produces 3-dimensional hard sheets from flat composite panels. The technology, patented by WOOD-SKIN®, permits the single panel to fold along virtual hinges, similarly to a Japanese origami. The digital lines are completely programmable with 3d software, making it a hundred percent customizable. The visible layer of the composite is available in a number of materials, colors and textures.

Parametric Surfaces radiates a message that is basic and not difficult to grasp. However, at the same time, it’s eye-opening and responsive to a number of contexts.


12 – 17 November 2018

10 am  – 10 pm


Dubai Design District (d3)

– Outside Building 10 –