THE MET – Houston, USA

DESIGN: Gensler Design

LOCATION: Houston, Texas

CATEGORY: Hospitality

YEAR: 2017

WORK: Tailor Made panel

MATERIAL: Finnish birch with fire clear coat 1 side


Located in Allen Center in the downtown of Houston, The Met is the premier indoor tennis and racket facility.

It features indoor tennis courts, basketball court, racquetball and squash courts, as well as a cardiovascular and strength training equipment.

For this exclusive club, Wood-Skin designed a wooden coating behind the reception desk that covers part of the wall and the ceiling.

Similar to a huge petal, this tailor-made project is harmoniously integrated into the surrounding space. Combined with the selection of a neutral material it creates a natural alcove like appearance.

The project was developed with the American firm Gensler Design located in Houston and the used material was covered with fire clear coat protection according to US standard ASTM E84.

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