17 BETHNAL & 2nd St – Milan, London, NYC

CLIENT: Atelier Impopulaire

DESIGN: Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi

LOCATION: Milan, London, NYC


YEAR: 2014

WORK: Tailor Made

MATERIAL: Birch (finish: total black varnish matte and glossy)


17th Bethnal & 2nd St. (2013, 10:10, loop) is a fragmental journey into the soundscape of three detachment processes from the South of the City: Number 17 on third floor (South of Milan), Florida St. in Bethnal (South of London), 2nd St (South of NYC). Each part of the sound work, recorded by following a process of mnemonic deconstruction, brings to light a fictive sense of openness between the perception of emotional and geographical belonging and the struggle with the surrounding physical environment.
The Wood-skin sculpture is a new form of this work, that involves the idea of distance and mapping in a dense and structural shape.