Wood-Skin Inside

Flexi is a new concept of door: the first flexible door. The purest expression of essentiality. A revolutionary project which combines RES’ excellent experience in designing interior doors with Pininfarina’s elegance and unmistakable style.
Focused on integration and flexibility, this cutting-edge product is destined to deeply change our idea of door. Thanks to the revolutionary Wood-Skin Inside technology, the product is free from hinges and takes shape from a continuous surface.
Innovation is the keyword: the body of the door becomes one with the frame, giving life to a highly integrated system, by means of a special milling that allows the panel to fold. This process gives a new life to firm materials, which change from flat to tridimensional, as an origami.
Flexi explores new horizons for the inside door design and embodies the elegance, purity and innovation of Pininfarina’s distinctive design.