BORGO MOLINO – Roncadelle di Ormelle, Italy

ARCHITECT: Marco Casagrande 

CLIENT: Borgo Molino

LOCATION: Roncadelle di Ormelle

CATEGORY: Tailor Made surface

This beautiful lounge bar is on the third floor of the brand new Borgomolino prosecco headquarter. A special place where to look at the historic vineyard and taste the famous wine and food from the Veneto region in Italy. We have developed a signature 3D cladding that defines the space of the counter and the show kitchen covering both vertical and horizontal surfaces around the large transparent window. A custom ultra-thin wood veneer composite has been created for this project, giving an additional light look at the whole surface. If you happen to be around the are don’t forget to stop by for a glass o prosecco.

MATERIAL: Alpi Slavony Oak